The Greatest Film Never Made

There's a new project by the artist Fiona Banner that involves one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century, Orson Welles. It's called, Unboxing, The Greatest Film Never Made, and is currently on in LA. It refers to the fairly well known, but rarely, if ever seen footage Orson Welles took, of what was to be his first film for RKO. The name of the film? Heart of Darkness, written by Joseph Conrad. What was so radical about the proposal, especially in 1939, was that Welles suggested that the entire picture, (as Welles used to like to call films), be shot through the perspective of the narrator. In a recent interview, when asked about the nature of the project, Banner responds, "In a weird way, I'm really collaborating with Orson Welles and that has taken me in unexpected directions". She goes on to comment, "In art, you are sort of boxing clever and you're boxing dumb - with your eyes sort of big, broadly focused but at the same time quite blind."