Thoughts on Path


Path might be the most beautifully designed app currently on the market. It's absolutely gorgeous: fluid and engaging, with a subtle, sparklingly and unencumbered aesthetic. More than that, though, Path changes the way we configure our thoughts on: a) what an app is 2) and, what an app can become. It's not just an app. It's about community. It's about connectivity. It's about establishing solid, foundational relationships. Put simply, Path is like a diagonal line living in a rectangular world. It knows the coordinates, but chooses to play by a different set of rules. In many respects, it's the natural extension of  Facebook, but it assumes that we want to foster stronger, closer ties with those we most desire to share our lives with. If there are any criticisms to be leveled at Path, it's probably that I just don't have fifty friends. On a more serious note, however, Twitter has a remarkable strength, particularity in its ability to make us disconnect  from our typical social habits, and introduce new, previously uncharted or configured connections. Today, you might discover a new link, and follow that almost electric current on Twitter, whereas on Path, you'll continue to deepen and enrich your current relationships, in new ways. As Dave Morin explains in an interview with Wired, "We don't want to connect you with just anyone."