Thoughts on Lucien Freud


 "The man is nothing. The work is everything." 

Lucien Freud, speaking on Francis Bacon, "I think that Francis's way of painting freely helped me feel more daring." In a way, following Bacon, but also departing in key respects, Freud discovered the thick sensuality of color, in the affects of the brush. Freud created ravishingly whorled landscape of affects, deceptively sumptuous, laden with brutal and sincere layers of sensuality. Freud, "wiped his brush clean after each individual brushstroke, painstakingly remixing the colors on the heavy palette". Also of note, perhaps following J.M. Barrie's "ontology of difference", Freud painted left-handed."My work is purely autobiographical. It is about myself and my surroundings. It is an attempt at a record. I work from people that interest me, and that I care about and think about, in rooms that I live in and know."