The Nature of Collaborations

June and I were recently interviewed about the nature of our collaboration. 

People often ask, "How can you do it, I couldn't imagine working with my partner?" Quite frankly, we can't imagine it otherwise.

Working together takes away individual identities and forms a new collectivity, one which we both feel comfortable losing ourselves in.

We each make decisions. We each are involved in the processes. 

Work stays exciting, stays positive and ushers in new founds joys. 

Here's a simple formulation:

Collaborations are the modus operandi of the 21st Century.

You see them popping up all over the place. 

A collaboration is stronger, and we would argue healthier, than any one individual. And, the nature of the work engaged in, often demands it. 

In our opinion, there are strong misconceptions in our society today that competition trumps collaboration. This is ill-conceived and unfounded, especially as we witness the rise of the immaterial. We would argue, following Marx, that privatization reduces productivity. 

We really like to emphasize collaboration instead of competition. We see the enormous benefits it provides: a new willingness to engage with ideas in a fresh, fearless and innovative way. 

Collaborations maximize productivity by sharing ideas, concepts, concerns, and affects. They are common and shared, which invariably and inevitably, increases utility.

New spaces of productivity are collaborative in nature. There's no negative compensation, only positive reassurance and enhancement.