Stephanie Cesaire


We had the most incredible experience. We'd just exited the famous Faubourg Saint-Honoré district, the heartbeat of design and fashion in Paris - we were headed down the rue Saint Florentin, back to our hotel, and a coffee and a coke - when we stumbled upon the studio of Stephanie Cesaire.

We'd spent the day literally traipsing through the famous monolithic design houses, like Longchamp, Saint Laurent, and the coveted Louis Vuitton on the Champs-Elysees. We even passed Conan O'Brien, as he walked down a side street, with his beautiful family in tow. We were looking for design inspiration (and, of course, June was looking for a handbag or two). 


As we opened the door to Cesaire's undersized retail space, escaping the treacherous afternoon heat, we were casually greeted by Cesaire's partner, and her newly stamped assistant. Both were as personable as they were gracious, an attitude that's so often remiss in such design experiences.

Instantly, we identified with their sensibilities of intrigue, hospitality, and cleanliness. These were attributes that we started to discern in Cesaire's sumptuous, minimalistic, modern designs. Not only could we feel the overt craftsmanship in the work, as we traced our fingers along the delicate, sturdy stitching, we could also readily sense the obvious care that went into each and every original shape, motif and construction.

It became clear to us that Stephanie Cesaire is emerging as a true-artisan - in the sense of an apprentice who has worked diligently to become a master. Interestingly enough, she learned her craft as a fashion designer while studying under the astute tutelage and expertise of Karl Lagerfeld and Sonia Rykiel. We're so happy that she decided to shed her inhibitions and start her own line. We hope she's widely successfully.

You should take a moment to view her work: