Singularum occupies an interesting space in the world of academic journals. We stand at an historic juncture, where tomorrow the landscape of print and online journals could change entirely. In many respects, it already has. With the birth of new venues, and opportunities, we experience the decline of established traditions. How does this change thought? Or, just as important, how will this effect readership, and writing.

While we witness radical transformations in the history of publishing, both with the advent of personal blogs, online journals and new, smaller book publishers, there is also a greater emphasis, and necessity, to foster credibility amongst such projects. But, credibility, of course, is also about establishing a relationship with a reader, and not just an institution, or publisher. It’s about creating a connection, and carrying on a conversation.

As giant retail bookstores now seem to face the same fate of the long forgotten local corner store, we’re at an unprecedented point in publishing, and a new topography is slowly emerging. Here, at Singularum, we’re extremely happy to be a part of that conversation. In many respects, our current historical position reiterates the mission of Singularum: to provide an independent venue for theorizing, transmitting, and staging encounters, transformative aesthetic encounters that every facet of life yields.