Missoni for Target

Missoni for Target

Everybody wins and everybody loses.

Yesterday, or was it two days ago, Missoni introduced a limited edition line of clothes for Target. Missoni, one of the most highly sought after Italian fashion houses on the planet, has been building up the excitment for this launch for quite some time. With gorgeous, provocative, and well-focused, "lifestyle advertisements", as pictured above, they've been creating a swarming murmur of interest, one not dissimilar to their sumptuous fabrics, and matching vibrant palettes. 

As was expected, there was an absolute spasm of excitement when the line officially launched. As has been well publicized, the sheer online frenzy caused the Target website to crash. The New York Times has a lovely, and expansive article on the event. Within no time, the entire collection was in danger of being sold out. Of course, this raises a number of fascinating lines of inquiry.

The blog community has been speaking vociferously, complaining that Target should have placed limits on the quantities of merchandise purchased. Apparently, hoarders and profiteers, but that's probably way too harsh, (as it's precisely this that interests me the most) amassed scores of wares. You can now find many of these otherwise sold out items on Ebay, for as much as quadruple the retail price.

The New York Times also asks, "When you can afford Missoni, like Jessica Alba, for instance, why desire the Target line?" The cycle perpetuates.