Letter Work & Number Work


I must confess, I never really imagined that my first published books would be children's books, but we couldn't be more pleased to announce, Letter Work and Number Work. Published by Abrams Appleseed, a new imprint from Abrams Books, these titles are now available for pre-order. Go check it out! If you're a Facebook fan, be sure to like the titles! Here's a little bit more about the series, from the indefatigable editor, Cecily Kaiser: "When you give the gift of book, you want it to be a book that you love. As adults, we are reluctant to select seemingly boring, insipid, or gaudy children's books...and even less likely to read it again and again with a child. In order to publish for children this young, we must publish for the adults in their lives as well. I often return from a meeting to find mysterious gaps in my otherwise meticulously lined shelves...and as we do not employ anyone here under the age of give I gather that the culprits are, in fact, adults." We couldn't be more excited to launch these titles into the universe.