Happy Anniversary


We give each other strength. We give each other courage. We give each other dreams. After all, "we're all made of stars". We offer support, guidance and inspiration. We are each others muses, lovers and best friends. We find solace in our collaborations and hope in our promises. And, we always find love in each others hearts. The rhythms of life can be unjust, but when you can hear them with someone else, you can find and create a beat of your own constructions. After a decade of kneading a life together, there are so many beautiful memories, of so many challenges and obstacles (not with each other, but with the world), and so many smooth spaces and bracing winds. One can only imagine how many more decades there are to go. As we always say, late at night, and early in the morning, when the sun rises on a new beginning: There is a logic to life that exists beyond the logic of yes and no and that's the logic of love. Forever, always, now.