Robert Frank and Vivian Maier

Robert Frank and Vivian Maier

When the Robert Frank exhibit Storylines first opened at the Tate Modern in 2006, June and I spent hours wandering through the gallery. We were completely entranced by the immediacy of the moment. 

Often lonely or disparaged, his scenes seemed to capture a spaciousness of the human spirit, a resilience to engage in entropic movements. The exhibit left you entranced, possessed by sheer openness. 

When I stumbled upon the work of the only recently discovered Vivian Maier (via/ Stefan Hartwig), I couldn't help but feel those same sensations: vibrations of great weakness and strength.

To the credit of both photographers, they manage to capture the oscillations of dejection and optimism in equal measure; in the end, always pointing us in the direction of what is still to come.

If you haven't had a chance to look through the work of Vivian Maier, you should check out her photographs. They are absolute treasures. You may also be interested in the Kickstart campaign.