Montessori Blueprints

We started a Kickstarter project. We thought you might want to take a look. We also thought we would take this opportunity to explain why. You see, for us, it's not about making pretty pictures. It's about changing the conversation. It's about asking tough questions. Questions like: What is education? What is the importance of learning in our contemporary educational landscape? What values do we place on early childhood education? What will the new generation of students achieve? At what cost? Currently, what are the best forms of learning? How can we share our enthusiasm for our own education and our child's education? In a way, this project has nothing to do with Montessori.

Montessori is an alternative approach to education that has proven itself useful, as a system and as a methodology. But also, and at the same time, it serves to push the traditional educational paradigm one step further. It forces us to reconsider our current modes and models of teaching. Do they work? Are they effective? Are there other possible solutions to the crisis in education? Have we explored our options? What is this thing about digital education? These are tough questions, questions to which we are only just starting to discover. Ultimately, our ambition with the blueprints is to see these posters on the walls of major corporations. We would love to walk into the offices of Jeff Bezos and see a pink tower hanging besides his diplomas. Imagine waiting for your doctor, and viewing a binomial cube exercise, or visiting your neighbors house for a barbecue. Seeing the posters would start a conversation. Who knows, it could even start a movement.