A Pedagogical Sketchbook

Inspired by the Pedagogical Sketchbook of Paul Klee, Gordon Bearn develops an innovative way to read The Mechanism of Meaning, as a creative educational apparatus used to draw out and ‘incite the instability of childhood’. While it is clear that Arakawa and Gins offer an ‘education of grownups’, which Stanley Cavell, animated by Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations, describes as the very role of philosophy, Arakawa and Gins also offer an education in reverse, or an ‘education of childhood’. Thus, they find their point of departure, or their way to take a line for a walk, in luring us outside the confines of our linguistically prescriptive habits and towards an education of reversible destiny. In typically astute and charismatic fashion, Gordon Bearn sees the work of Arakawa and Gins as opening up a new space for pedagogical tasks, for thinking the vision and riddle of a future education. What is the Mechanism of Meaning if not an educational primer, a new pair of eyes and hands with which to see and feel and think the world anew? 

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